Odd, how much traffic this Blog gets and I rarely think about it. I have lost my passion for the past. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that’s because I have taken control of the present.

As Martha would say, “That’s a good thing.” Personally, as a general rule, I think Martha is full of BS but whatever…

I ate half a green pepper for lunch and it’s making a return visit. I wonder what Martha would do to send it on its way without a fuss?

Also how do you set the clocks on these Blogs?




A reminder to myself and others that this Blogging event is happening soon.

This Blog has been added to a really sick reffererr called BlogHop. Why and how I haven’t a clue. It’s sent my hit stats up enormously over the past week. I’m on their “new and hot” list. Obviously no one bothered to read any of the content in this Blog. <heh> Just the key words, “child abuse, emotional abuse and INCEST.” oooh baby.

Incest is wrong when it is perpetrated against a minor. It is deadly. Any person who does such a thing should be sent to jail and in jail I know child sexual abusers do not fair well. They often have to be segregated from other prisoners because they will be tormented by them.

That is as it should be. Sexual abusers of childern are deviants of the worst order. They know their crime goes against all the taboos of the society they live in and still they prey upon the children they seduce or coerce.

It bothers me that there are people out there willing to trade on my sorrows to get their sexual thrills but then I realize that these men are very emotionally twisted and mentally ill themselves and all I can really feel is immesne pity for them. In my journey towrds healing I was in three way groups with male perpetrators, collusive mothers and adult survivors. I was able to come to terms with my father’s betrayal in these groups. He was a sick man in a sick marriage who needed treatment.

I want to believe he would have been repentant had he lived long enough for me to confront him. I don’t know that he would have but that is what I want to believe so I do.

I wanted to believe my Mother would be too but she is not. She refuses to even acknowledge she bears any blame. My Mother should have gone to jail as well but the statute of limitations has expired and she is an old woman now. Let her conscience take care of her.

Soon she will lie on her death be and there will be no more chance to make it right. Actually, it’s already too late. The time to act has come and gone too many times. She’s already dead to me.